How it started. How it’s going.

HEALTH UPDATE: CT last week shows no change in the tumor monster. Still hanging around at about 6×5 cm. Not bad considering it started at 22x16x18! Much of the same these days although I’ve been experiencing more severe fatigue. My hemoglobin is low. The red flags are flying in my mind. I’m working on eachContinue reading “How it started. How it’s going.”

A letter to the tumor monster

HEALTH UPDATE: Doing well. Meeting with a surgeon about my esophagus issues this week. Scanxiety sets in for my 9 week scan next week. Insomnia is common these days. Constantly emotional about, well, everything. I’m okay. Ramblings… Dear Tumor Monster, First of all, fuck you. You came into my life uninvited, you total piece ofContinue reading “A letter to the tumor monster”

Shaken, not stirred…with a twist of fate.

HEALTH UPDATE: I’m mostly boring now with little change. My 20 something-ish CT scan yesterday showed no change from the scan before and no cancer spread. The tumor monster has dwindled from the size of a small football to a round-ish egg size. Truly and incredibly amazing. A medical miracle, if you will. My legsContinue reading “Shaken, not stirred…with a twist of fate.”