HEALTH UPDATE: Colds are worse than cancer. Lol. I’ve been a big baby sick with a cold but I’m on the mend. I tested negative for covid earlier this week and now I’m about to find out how my blood is doing these days. Overall, I’ve been weak and sore but that could be my body fighting cancer and a cold. I really can’t complain.


I made it in the door to the hospital!! The questions process has always been a breeze. No symptoms. No nothing. Not this time! I’ve had a ton of crud in the past week. I’m mostly better now. Ive got my negative covid test results a fingertip away and also my vaccine card in my purse. I must get inside to receive my life saving concoction. I thought about lying. It would be so easy to physically say the word “no”. No symptoms. No nothing. That would not be possible for me emotionally. These are my people. If I’m deemed not safe, I’m not going in.

I’m masked and in the waiting room at the lab. It’s crowded. There is a man two seats away. I can smell stale cigarette smoke. A woman is two seats from him and directly across from me. I notice her eyes scan the room for an alternate seat immediately after the smelly man sits down. It’s a toss up. Is he too close? Is it the smell? She stays put. As do I. Before my vaccination I wouldn’t even be in this room waiting. I’d be outside by the elevators. Germs!!!!! Lol. The lab is way behind. It’s busy.

I see a new face today. She’s so nice! My port sucks. Blood rushes out and then stops. My new friend states that ports are going to drive her nuts today. Well that’s not cool! I’m glad I have insurance and have met my deductible. She is using a ton of syringes to make that blood flow freely again. Swoosh. There it goes. Back in the game. Samples drawn. I forgot to tell her to find the good blood. Fingers crossed. I’ve already negotiated with myself. If any of my results are off, it must certainly be because of my cold. OMG!!! What is that noise?! I’m in a different waiting room now. I’m waiting to see my doctor. Its almost empty so whoever is eating something crunchy, it sounds as loud as a gong. My eyes gravitate to the desk. I see her mask going up and down as she chews. Aww. This pandemic!! Mask snacking. When will it end??!!!

It’s been a whirlwind. I didn’t even have time to stalk my labs. It was old school “hold your breath while doctor reviews on computer screen and try to determine if their reaction is horrified or elated”…. Labs look great! Exhale. Of course they do. I wasn’t worried!!!! Who me??!! Worry??!!Lol!!! I also proudly signed up for a study. Some kind of a molecular tumor type of study. What’s mine is yours my friends! Please figure out how I have so many mutations. If everyone could just get some, maybe they could respond favorably to immunotherapy too!!

I’m waiting again. This time at the chemo treatment area. I’m out by the elevators. The actual waiting room is packed. Too many cancer patients. Too many!!! F cancer!!! I hate this. I was just forcefully seated on the roller coaster. I’m so happy for me. I’m so sick for everyone not as lucky as me. UGH!!!!! Make. It. Stop.

Next up. Treatment. Long wait today but who cares? Amazing people watching! Eyes of sadness. Eyes of hope. Busy eyes. Happy eyes!! I’ve recently started watching Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning. I had never watched it once in my life. I picked it because I thought Melanie told me she was watching it. Turns out she’s watching ER. OOPS. Lol. I knew it was one of the two! Anyways….I saw Dr. Dreamy today here at UW Hospital! Same hair, face and classic shirt collar! Too funny!!

I’m all hooked up now. The miracle concoction is flowing through my port into my body. I can’t feel a thing except for an enormous gratitude for this opportunity to be saved. Today is my 24th treatment. Cheers to 24….thousand….more. Lol.

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