Sisters Gone Wild

HEALTH UPDATE: Although my usually perfect labs were not perfect today, my wonderful oncologist says I’m good. Waiting for my juice right now. Yessssss!!!


Spa Day reunion! If anyone can make cancer treatments fun, sister Melanie can! It felt SO good to have her by my side today. Much more than I could ever have imagined. I was on edge as I usually am. She was the distraction I needed. Before I knew it, the buzzer went off and the last few drips of miracle concoction were met with an AWWWWWW because it was almost time to leave! Seriously! Is this life real?

If cancer wasn’t so hideous and out to kill people, I’d wish it on everyone! I’m a broken record but I’m replaying this song again! This day. This time. It was incredible! Time with my sister. Time. Just time being here!! Time that she took to be with me and take the top down on her Jeep for a joy ride on the way home! I’ve lived in this town for 35 years but the Capitol has never looked so freaking exciting and fun as it did today! I was woo hooing out loud out the windows! I’m ALIVE!! My appreciation for these simple things continue to swell.


Today we got the band back together!
Sisters Gone WILD!!!!
My beautiful city!

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