Same fever, different time

HEALTH UPDATE: Fine except for second covid vaccine side effects and the usual muscle pain.

How soon I forget. The relentless fevers. Not moving. Chills, sweats, repeat. For days and months. The reaction to my covid vaccine is mimicking my early days of being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I can’t remember having a single fever since a few weeks after I started immunotherapy treatment. The fever is back. But for a different reason. My second covid 19 vaccine, shot into my arm 22 and a half hours before I started freezing.

Hot eyes. My dad often complained of this. Damn I wish I could have told him what it was. I get hot eyes with fevers too! I’ll nap while Tom takes Willow for a ride in the car. I’ve got my love pile of blankets on me. Gifts of love to me from my friends and family to make me warm. It’s working again and I’ll never forget the generosity from so many. All of the same symptoms but from a very different time. A time when I was told the end was near. Now, this is the beginning. Two more weeks and I can soar a little bit higher with my family.

Never give up. Always keep the faith.

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Wife, mother, cancer fighter and lover of life!

One thought on “Same fever, different time

  1. So excited that you have had that second vaccine!! YAY and even though you’ve got those chills, it’s worth it:) Mine were about the same interval after my 2nd and today is my two weeks past date!! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE you when you’re ready!! HUGS, J


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