Hello Cancer Friends

HEALTH UPDATE: I’m good. Feeling fatigue after both my treatment and the covid vaccine, dose 1 last week. No worries, I’ve got this!


Life is so good! So much going on! Another season is approaching. We are enjoying more time outside and a fresh batch of new sidewalk chalk colors, thanks to the beautiful Beccah! I can’t help but think of my life watching flowers sprout from the ground, through the mulch. My life feels new! I’m a newborn at age 52! Ha! Not in a religious sense, as my faith is not new. More of a grateful and happy sense.

Coming off a great week of stable health and hope of leaving my homestead for activities other than doctor appointments has left me brimming with gratefulness! I’ve made a haircut appointment! My last was in September in my driveway. I will make a dash to hug my mom for hours on my freedom date, May 6th. Following the guidelines, that will be two weeks post second vaccine dose. YES! Is it me or did the past year fly by? Precious time granted to me by the grace of God! I feel strongly that I have used this time wisely and wonderfully, especially considering the covid factor. There is still so, so much to do.

My podcast is proving to be more that I had hoped for. I’m meeting people, listening to stories, realizing how many people truly care about others touched by cancer. It is moving and inspiring me greatly! Of course there is also my own story telling and cheesy jokes. It’s like my blog with my voice. I’m not about to hold back. It’s feeling good and right to me. I think the vulnerability is shattered. It’s easy to let go when you have nothing to lose. The thought of healing broken hearts, even if just for a moment, is a goal that I want to positively crush.

Please consider subscribing to my podcast. It’s called Hello Cancer Friends and can be found on Apple. Spotify, Google and many others. By subscribing, you will be notified when new episodes drop. Please share with people you know. Help me spread the word. I sure appreciate it!


Happy Easter one and all! Love, happiness and good health too!

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Wife, mother, cancer fighter and lover of life!

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