Let the fun begin

HEALTH UPDATE: I feel almost identical to the way I felt 3 weeks ago. We shall see what my lab tests reveal. Blogging in real time today. 10:21 am. Checked in for my lab appointment.


I think it always hits me when I walk by the abandoned coffee corner. It’s closed and bare. Today I noticed a broom handle peeking from behind the clear glass case that once hosted cookies, scones, sandwiches and fruit. It’s sad enough! Can’t you put away the broom? The coffee carafes are lined up and ready for the day this damn virus is contained.

I have a late appointment today. There are so many more people around! I’m called in quickly. It’s nurse Rachel! She has the touch of an angel. The needle nearly feels like a massage as she stabs my port for access to my blood story. I imagine that my urine sample is at least 50 percent straight up coffee. Sorry, TMI. I proceed to the lower level for my appointment with my oncologist. I have about a 30 minute wait while my test results are being produced. I feel pretty relaxed today. Only slightly nervous. I always tell myself that if I get too relaxed it will jinx me and all hell will break loose. Kind of like wearing the same shirt for football playoffs. It’s 10:46 a.m.

It is 11:06 a.m. I start stalking mychart for results. In the 3 seconds it takes to log in, my heart falls out of my toes. I’m instantly freaked out. I would call it condensed. Which is worse? A condensed quick fear or a long slow moderate fear over a few days? I don’t have an answer. It’s kind of irrelevant since the fear will be either over or realized in the next hour. Or right now. It’s 11:18 a.m. I’ve reviewed all my labs and they are nearly flawless. The scary one that had gone up twice in a row is now back to normal. I’m so relieved. I’m still in shock that I am so lucky. My heart is pouring out to the visitors that I’m sharing this waiting room with. I pray that they are lucky too.

I’m anticipating small talk at my appointment and from there I’ll take a stroll to the treatment area where I will be blessed with a transfusion of liquid miracles.

It’s 12:11 p.m. now. I’m in the waiting area by the elevators just outside the UW Carbone Cancer Center cancer treatment clinic. My appointment went well. As I expected, small talk commenced and a quick check of my heart and lungs. She asked me to be part of a zoom panel. There wasn’t much more information given other than she thought of me. I said sure.

2:02 p.m. I’m all hooked up. I’ll be done with the infusion in 60 minutes. I have a deluxe room today with a window and a bed! I would be fine with a chair. I remember being in one of these rooms with my dad. It was a bad day for him. I don’t remember what the specific problem was. I just want to get out of here. I’ll be on my way upon 30 minutes of observation after my infusion is complete.

It looks beautiful outside! I’m so very lucky to be here and I’m so excited for spring! I’m also excited to be getting closer to launching my podcast. I have two episodes ready to go. My vision of what this could be is amazing. I’m hoping there are people that are willing to share their stories. It will be wonderful and will hopefully offer hope for those of us that need and appreciate it so much.


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3 thoughts on “Let the fun begin

  1. So happy to hear all going so well. Prayers they continue that way. You are so deserving…weather gods sent u a beautiful day..you go girl!!


  2. Podcast?!? Nice idea!

    I appreciate your creativity and motivation, thank you for the inspiration! Please know that you sharing your writings like this will always suffice! 👍

    Thank you for the continued Motivation & Inspiration!!


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