laugh, cry, share, thrive!

HEALTH UPDATE: Kicking the tumor monster’s butt, one day at a time! Not much has changed. My knee is very angry. It is swollen and just mad. PT has helped muscle aches immensely. Weight gain has seemed to slow down. I’m so excited for warm weather and long walks again! I’ll go in next week for my treatment, God willing!


Oh ramblings…how I’ve loved you so. You set me free. You clear my heart and soul of the many troubling fears of living with cancer. Why haven’t I been writing like a maniac in recent months? Calm times bring to me a calm mind. I’m grateful. I’m also grateful to everyone that has helped me along the way. The countless people that have gotten me to where I am today. So many people. My family, my friends, doctors, nurses! People I don’t know! The outpouring has been heart bursting. Thank you.

Well…I asked God for guidance. Tell me! What I am supposed to do with this experience? This love of life. The feeling of hope that I’ve somehow been lucky enough to have in my heart. Help me share these beautiful thoughts in the middle of these scary times. I hope I found my answer.

I was inspired at my last appointment. It’s the eyes! It is all of the eyes I see. No faces. Masks and eyes. Beautiful, loving eyes. Sad eyes. Scared eyes. Warriors without support. Amazing nurses and doctors with so much love to give. They care. They care so hard. It’s in their eyes too. I love them all and appreciate them so much.

I was sitting in the waiting room. I scan the area, as I almost always do. I realize that if I could see their faces and if they looked open to conversation, I would probably at least say hello. Now I just look at everyone’s eyes. I don’t dare intrude on what they are thinking. I’m a rambler! What if they just want to be alone? What if they are always alone? Here I am. I have what feels like a gazillion supporters. What if they don’t have enough support? Or any? Then I think of so many people being isolated due to covid. Friends are so important right now! This is where it gets exciting.

I will be publishing a podcast soon. It is called HELLO CANCER FRIENDS! Yes!! I will ramble! But not too much….(Zzzzzzz!!!)! LOL! My vision is to invite everyone to listen and also to share stories. If you have been touched by cancer, share your story! This is for everyone. Maybe you are a survivor in or out of treatment. Perhaps you’ve lost someone or maybe you have a friend or loved one going through cancer. Caregivers have so much to give. I want to hear those stories too. I know there are inspirational stories out there. I know that miracles can come true! I’m living proof! I want the world to know there is always hope. There are people that care. People to learn from and become inspired by. Please visit my new website There is a “share” section if you would like to share your story and get this party started! I will be reading some of the stories on the podcast.

I know my prayers have been answered. Again! I know nothing about podcasts. I have never listened to one before about a week or so ago. I have no expectations other than to help at least one person. If that should happen it will be yet another happy day. I will keep you posted on the progress and I’m hoping to blast off and ready to go in a few weeks…which might mean a month. LOL. As always, I need to keep it real!

As for the theme of the podcast…you guessed it!


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love you all!

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2 thoughts on “laugh, cry, share, thrive!

  1. I love it! Your last blog reminded me that one of the (few) highlights of visits to Highland Ave was being able to stop and chat with you at the surgery desk. You were my sunshine then and now you will be everyone else’s sunshine too. 💖💖💖


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