HEALTH UPDATE: Wow, I’m so freaking lucky. Blessed. Fortunate. I’m blown away at how something so incredibly evil could turn into many blessings!! I’m at uw hospital at this very moment waiting for my miracle concoction to be prepared and administered. More good news today. Although my scan revealed that tumor monster has not shrunk but just a bit since last time, it is stable. It’s possible that it is dying from the inside now. I had the pleasure of meeting the Doctor leading the trial I am participating in. What a wonderful human!! He was very happy with my progress. I found out that there are only a handful of participants in this study. It stopped when covid hit. I’m doing very well compared to the others, due to the large number of mutations in my tumor. We will be continuing on and hoping for the best to continue!!


It’s been a week. I had my ct scan Monday and waiting for results sucked. It’s never fun but this time around I let myself get all worked up. What if, what if?? I’m so extreme! I’m mostly enjoying life and feeling good. Then I remember. Oh yes. Pancreatic cancer. Gasp! I get gasps every time I tell someone I have pancreatic cancer. Gasp!!! Oh no, not that one! Buh bye! So sorry. But no! I have the rare one that’s still deadly but not AS deadly! I find myself talking them down. It’s okay because I think I’m cured! Have you heard of immunotherapy? I know I’m not cured. I just feel like I am! Once again, the mind can play many tricks.

Seriously. I am so lucky. I look back at the most turbulent times of my life and timing has always been on my side. This cancer gig is no exception. The trial started in September. I was diagnosed in December. Started the trial March 13th. The trial stopped when covid hit. What. The. Heck. I got in just in the nick of time! Isn’t it crazy?

Today I am more thankful than ever. I’m hopeful and I’m looking forward to all the little things that life has to offer. I pray for all of us, that we remain safe from covid and that we all can experience something good every single day.

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4 thoughts on “Lucky

  1. You are awesome! Your blogs help me when I read them. Your words uplift me when I get my treatments for ovarian cancer. So many things you write are what I am thinking. I too am in a drug study with immunotherapy . Always in my prayers.


  2. I’m so proud of you Cathy for your positive attitude and how you are battling. I pray for you often and I love you! – Your brother.


  3. Bless you, pictures of you recently show how full is sparkle you are your a awesome human and so happy to hear your doing so well, you are so deeply deserving


  4. YAY for you:) So glad that you had the opportunity to meet the DR and that tumor is behaving for the most part. As always I love to hear your updates and miss seeing your beautiful face. Hugs to you, Willow and Tom and love you much!! J


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