HEALTH UPDATE: Happy to report that my health has been uneventful! I’m well. I have good energy, I’m active. I still am experiencing lots of muscle and joint pain. It’s a small price to pay for life. Last week Wednesday I had another immunotherapy treatment. With each trip to the hospital for this incredible miracle drug, I have several blood tests. I am absolutely amazed at the results. My hemoglobin was NORMAL for the first time in nearly 2 years. I am no longer anemic. Blood transfusions were unsuccessful in the past! I’ve gone two shopping online orders without my beloved oreos. My glucose was 112 which is good for me. Liver and kidney functions are good. They are closely related to my disease so we keep a close eye on those. I really can’t get over what a miracle this all has been. I hope and pray that it lasts. The thought of how many people this drug can help in the future is thrilling. I can only imagine how rewarding it is to be a researcher. A life saver. Someone that really changes lives! I wish I could meet them. Shake their hands. Pretend there is no COVID 19. Hug them! I really pray that ab122 will help others as it has helped me and that it goes ALL THE WAY, BABY! and becomes an approved treatment.

Next treatment for me will be on July 15th. I will have a CT scan on July 13th. My oncologist will be out of the office so I will meet the doctor that is in charge of the study that I am in. It will be nice to meet him and thank him personally. So exciting!! Thank you for your continued prayers!


Here comes another tornado reference. I’ve got a tornado in my soul! It’s swirling like crazy! Like hot and cold air masses coming together, my feelings are so extremely happy yet so sad and anxious! I’m comfortable at home. I feel safe. I feel like if I leave I will get the virus. The stakes are high. I’m doing all I can to make it fun for Willow and for us. It’s working. We are making a lot of memories! I also need to get OUT! I need to see my family! I need to see my friends! I love and miss them dearly. I need hugs. I need normal! I know a lot of people are out and about. I just can’t do it. Yet.

We had planned a wonderful social distance outing today at my Mom’s house. I couldn’t do it. Too many questions. Are we all safe? Could someone be a carrier and not know it? Willow had a fever last week. She tested negative for covid but is it reliable? More waiting. Waiting to see if the cancer will ever be gone. Waiting to see if covid 19 spreads like wildfire in our area. Waiting and praying my family and friends stay safe. I’m so disappointed our family gathering is on hold but I feel so good about taking the safe route. All of our lives are just too precious! Yet another good reason to fight, fight, fight! Fight for the day we can all be together again!!

The good news is that we have so much to do while we wait! It’s a big week at the Hannes household. Week of TOM! Many years ago, Tom celebrated a birthday of mine the entire week. Week of (insert birthday person’s name here) was born! Every day he gave me a gift to represent all my senses. So adorable! We’ve drifted from the daily gifts but in general, my birthday guy will have his choice of meals, activities and personal space this week! We will….wait for it….be hanging out in the driveway! Feel free to stop by to honk and say hi!!

Happy birthday to my Tom! We’ve had our ups and lots of downs but at the end of the day, you will always forever be my true love! WEEK OF TOM! Welcome to the 50 club. Time to get your colonoscopy dear! Womp, womp, lol. I love you!

Many blessings and lots of love to you all!

Artistic Tom!
Family Man Tom!
Brave Tom (covid haircut)
My SMOOPY. Happy Birthday dear Tom! I love you!

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One thought on “WEEK OF TOM!

  1. Happy Birthday to both of you..continue the good work..wishing you both many more good days and love beyond the moon!


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