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RAMBLING HEALTH UPDATE: The demise of the tumor monster has begun!!! Immunotherapy is WORKING! I had a CT Scan today at 11:30. My stomach sank when my phone range. It’s my oncologist. We had previously decided to discuss the results on Wednesday. It’s good news. Tumor monster has shrunk. WHAT?! How much? Oh….30%. THIRTY PERCENT? You have got to be kidding me! Cancer and clots that are clogging one of my many veins is also shrinking. This is why I haven’t had fluid build up in my abdomen! Seriously? Yes. Seriously. My head is spinning. I’m negative. I’ve successfully trained myself to not get attached to the possibility of beating this beast. All the news so far has mostly been difficult to hear. I’m so confused. I prepared myself for the most unfortunate news, not news of success. I’m processing. Beyond thrilled to hear the relief in my Mom’s voice, see the tears of joy on my sister’s beautiful face, feel the love and support from all my siblings, nieces and nephews as they have provided to me all along.

I understand this is just a blip of news in regards to my cancer. There will be more news. Some will be good. Some news will be bad. The road is still long. The mountain is still high. But now I’ve regained my strength. Physically. Emotionally. This initial and encouraging outcome of this new drug that commands my own immune system to attack this monster blows my mind! I M M U N O T H E R A P Y. What a word.

My thoughts and plans for this post today have been hijacked by the unexpected breaking news from my oncologist. I had planned to let you all know I’m feeling great. Ever since the 10 days of antibiotics were digested for the colon infection, life has been nearly a breeze. Happy thoughts and enjoying sunny days watching my little scooter girl are on my radar. I’m coherent enough that I’m actually realizing that I’m bored at home. My big day “out” was my trip to the hospital today. I wore makeup, including eye shadow. The hospital was once again nearly vacant. It was lonely as I drank my “contrast cocktail” before my scan. No visitors or appointment companions. It’s for the best. I can deal. Just as soon as my outing started it was over. I called my hero Tom and he came and picked me up. He will drop me off again on Wednesday. If all goes well I will have treatment #3.

I’m so happy to share my good news. I thank you all for your prayers, positive thoughts, good mojo, love and support. I don’t want to think where I would be without you all.

Be safe, I love you!!!!

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9 thoughts on “Breaking News

  1. So so glad to hear this news. Keep enjoying the sunshine Cathy and know I’m thinking about you often and praying everyday. Love you


  2. Clinical trials in theory are about the future, but for participants they are 100% about the now. Amazing, and Congratulations.


  3. I am soooooo happy for you, Cathy!!!! I will keep praying that you make a full recovery. Keep up the fantastic work!!!! 🤗


  4. Oh C Dawg I have tears of joy. It makes me so happy to hear this. Keep it up strong one you’re my hero. I love you and my prayers are still with you and always will be. I can’t wait to see that smile.


  5. Cathy I am so happy for your fantastic news. You are in my prayers always. Your strength is awesome and inspiring. Love and miss you.


  6. That’s great news!!! Saw a show on immunotherapy for pancreatic cancer – it can do amazing things.
    Keep improving and I’m voting YES to living for a long time.
    Hang in there lady!
    Keeping you in my thoughts & prayers & hoping therapy keeps working.


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