Happy Easter!

HEALTH UPDATE: I FEEL GREAT! I’m not perfect but the high consistent fevers are gone. I have no answers but I’m guessing it was the C Diff infection. I’m on a baby dose antibiotic to keep that nasty infection away. Wahooo!!! I do get tired and feel like I’m still recovering from the damage done while I was down with that infection. My legs are wobbly but getting stronger. I have no bloating which means no fluids to be drained in my abdomen. I still get tired if I do too much but I think I’m improving a little every day! Next appointment is 4/22. I’m just hanging out until then!


Happy Easter! What a glorious day and time to be alive! Although I am fully aware of all of the tough changes and heartache in our lives right now, it’s still a time in our lives to celebrate! I should be going to church to celebrate our savior. I am supposed to be running around making food for Easter dinner that should be spent with my loved ones. I should be hugging those we go to see on this blessed day. Circumstances have changed all of these wonderful things we’ve enjoyed our entire lives. Poof, gone. Disappointing. Dangerous now.

After the past several weeks I’ve had an intense experience of what it is like to be really sick. I was so down and out I don’t think I realized at the time how low functioning I was. Physical and mental breakdown. 100%. I feel like I’ve just woken from a coma! I realize why I haven’t minded being stuck at home. I wasn’t coherent enough to realize I was stuck at home. I know I’m better now. I’m starting to get cabin fever. Would I love to see my family today? Hug everyone I love? Go back to our “normal” way of life? Absolutely YES! I’m sad and my heart aches to see everyone but it is still a glorious day and time to be alive! The birds are singing. The flowers are growing! We live in the age of FaceTime and zoom! I have big dreams. I dream of my treatment working to slay the tumor monster and I dream of a cure and relief to all of the world for what we are going through.

So predictable. I feel good and my attitude is even better. When I’m sick, I’m fighting with the black tornado in the floor and hope is so far off in the distance, nearly forgotten. It makes me think of people who have dealt with chronic ailments. How do you cope? How do you stay positive? It’s an eye opener for me. I think of people often. Is there anyone out there that isn’t fighting some type of demon? Mental illness, physical illness, abuse, loneliness, grief? I pray for all of you. Life is full of lessons. I have learned so much since I’ve been diagnosed. The world of humans all have a special place in my heart. Each and every one.

Not to change the subject but the Easter Bunny dropped off way to much sugar. Have you ever run into starburst jelly beans? This bag is red only. Cherry, Strawberry and watermelon. I can’t stop eating them. All this sugar is not good for me so I’ve ordered them to be hidden. If you see a bag, I highly recommend them. Almost better than chocolate!

Have a Happy Easter! Sending love and happiness to you all!

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7 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Your blogs are so inspiring! You give new meaning to the power of positive thinking. God bless you and your family on this important day and always


  2. Love you, Willow and Tom. Good to hear you are feeling better. May you be like Jesus and rise above and continue with healthy progress.


  3. So thankful that you are feeling better! Ron’s Joyce had C diff (maybe 3 years ago) and had a very rough time until she found a different dr to treat it. Definitely sounds as if you are in recovery mode from this. Take care–love you!


  4. You are incredibly strong and courageous!!! I am so happy you are feeling better!!!!! Keep up the great work! Big hug 🤗


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