How are you?

HEALTH UPDATE: I’m feeling better! I’m so grateful. I almost feel human. I woke at 4 am this morning and did not have a fever. My stretches of not taking tylenol to control the fevers are stretching longer and longer. I’ve been having my usual evening fevers. My self diagnosis is that the C Diff infection in my colon kicked my butt.

God stepped in once again and made my fevers lessen earlier this week right before my scheduled immunotherapy treatment for this past Wednesday. It was touch and go as to if I would be able to have treatment. My labs were “stable” (look pretty wacky but not changing to being worse) and I was ready to go. Treatment accomplished on April Fools Day. I think I read a couple time that April Fools was cancelled this year. Okay by me!

I also took another trip to the digestive health folks for another draining of my abdomen. It wasn’t as much as the first trip but I still felt better afterwards. Now I just hang out for 3 weeks waiting for the next treatment. We may do some type of scan the next round. This is a slow moving treatment. They don’t expect to see results for 9-12 weeks.


How are you? Are you Okay? I won’t lie. I feel uncomfortable talking and complaining about myself. It’s different now. Everything is different and will be for a very long time. The similarities of what the world is going through and being diagnosed with a serious cancer is undeniable. I have so many feelings from when I was first diagnosed resurfacing. The unknown is the biggest fear I had. When I think of the virus, I wonder the same thing. What is going to happen? I’ve got some time on y’all to process this type of concern. I’m not saying I’m immune to the fear. I’ve just adjusted somewhat so that I can accept what I cannot change. It takes a little of the pressure off and that is what we all need right now.

So many things are changing. I wonder if things will go right back to how it used to be when this is over? What have you noticed that is different in your world? Our biggest difference is house arrest (lol). Willow is social and loves to go to the park. She is blossoming before our eyes and taking this all in like an adult! Many conversations start with “when the virus is gone…..”. So smart. So brave! I will cherish this time with her forever and ever! Tom and Willow love to be outside so they are enjoying freeze tag, exploring and waving to the neighbors. Yesterday I joined them outside! Seriously, this is a great sign of improvement. I had enough energy to sit in a chair outside! I took it all in. The smells. The laughs. The kindness on faces of our beautiful neighbors. Love!

I’ve been in lock down at home for probably 2 months. At least. I’m not bored. I actually have spent the past several weeks in bed or on the couch with zero energy. It’s gone by quickly. I’m hoping my energy continues as now I can really get to some projects around the house! I need to take it slow. I hear my Dad’s voice when he was my Mom’s care taker. “Your getting tired and you don’t know it yet…time to rest”. He was right! My tv viewing of choice has always been the news. It’s too hard now. I often find myself watching HGTV now! Nooooooooo!!!! LOL. I used to laugh at those shows. That’s not real life real estate! What a joke! I could teach them some stuff. Ha ha. Hey though….I found a really cool show that takes me away. Log Cabin Living! Another goal! Gotta get us a place in the woods.

What I was starting to say above, prior to my massive ramble, is that I’ve been home for quite some time. The only place I go is to see doctors and medical professionals! Scary to stay so confined and then go to places like a hospital. The changes UW Hospital has made are very easily detected the moment you pull up. Clinic entrance is closed. No visitors allowed. I go to all my appointments solo now. Two lines of long tables inside the main entrance. Nurses with masks, shields, gloves and gowns are there to welcome you and ask questions. Any new symptoms? difficulty in breathing, cough, fever, etc. etc. They take your temp (I cringe but passed both times I’ve had to do this) and escort you to check in. Here is where it gets crazy. The place is nearly EMPTY! They have strategically either outright cancelled or moved appointments around to other places. I was the only patient in what is usually a packed waiting room for labs on Wednesday! I really felt like I was one of two entire patients in the whole place. I’m pretty sure they are saving all the rooms and places I can’t see for the pandemic. A nurse I spoke to said the ICU and ER areas are getting very busy. I pray for everyone!!!!

I wish you all the strength to find peace and happiness in the difficult days ahead. I’m sending love and appreciation and wishing for safety and good health to each and every one of you!

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3 thoughts on “How are you?

  1. Glad to hear you were able to get outside w Tom and Willow, nature can feel so freeing and wonderful and healing. Prayers and thoughts w all of you I hope you continue to feel better and that evil monster is being destroyed 🌻🌼🌷


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