Gross! But cool!

HEALTH UPDATE: Another gross but totally cool medical experience. I’m constantly amazed at what our bodies can do. The CT scan confirmed Ascites in my abdomen. My abdomen was filled with fluid and ready to burst. I went to the lovely UW Digestive Health Center on Friday afternoon so that the skilled staff could DRAIN this fluid from my body to make me feel better. They did an ultra sound to find a safe pocket to enter into. Once they found their spot they injected me with a local numbing drug, similar to what you would get at the dentist. Then a second injection through the wall of my abdomen. Not bad. A few twinges of WOW here and there. Next comes the tube. They stuck a tube in my side! Hooked it up to a container that must have had a vacuum on the other end and away it went. I watched the fluid run out the tube into the container for about 20 minutes. At the end it made the sucking sound like the last sip of a shamrock shake. You gotta get all of it! This procedure was nothing short of a miracle. I could eat again, wear my pants comfortably, breath again! I have felt sooooo much better!!! They took out one gallon of fluid. I lost about 8 lbs. I’ll be gaining it back quickly as I am able to actually eat! Once again, a fascinating procedure and outcome.

This fluid draining is a temporary fix to make me feel better. I have yet to know what or if there can be a long term solution. We will see if I continue to have this issue (likely). It is listed as a side effect from the immunotherapy.

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  1. Cathy, I would love to speak with you, maybe tonight. I’ll see if we can connect later, but right now my phone batter is low, so I will get back to you in a few hours or more after I’m home again and recharged.


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