Just Like That!


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I suppose about an hour or two after my last post was published, you won’t believe what happened!???!!!! I have no fever. I. HAVE. NO. FEVER. Not high, not low grade. NO fever. I didn’t cheat and take Tylenol. NO fever. I may sound like I’ve lost my marbles a lot but I’m consistent with my mood swings. My mood depends 99% on how I am feeling. I feel good!! I FEEL GOOD! In my head I am running down the street and clicking my heals. I’m not going to push it, LOL. So I wanted to thank ALL OF YOU and all of the prayer warriors out there!! I could cry! This is the hope I’ve been looking for! I thought it would be a perfect scan but if that damn fever can go away after all these days, that has to be some divine intervention right there. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I love you all!

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Wife, mother, cancer fighter and lover of life!

5 thoughts on “Just Like That!

  1. Praying for more good days and good news, wonderful !!! Glorious..you go Girl, scare that monster out of you, hugs


  2. Thank you! I meant to respond sooner and more often tbh.
    Your posts frequently start my day.
    I appreciate your writings and thoughts.
    They’re relatable and unimaginable all @ once.

    The one thing that does always come through your words is that you are a strong, strong, strong individual!
    Did I mention strength always comes through in your writings?
    Even when writing about your so-called weaknesses you demonstrate strength!
    Thank you!!
    Thank you for your brightness on many dark morning’s!
    🌞😉🤣 just to clarify; I usually get up before dawn so it’s generally still dark outside as I read your posts ♥️😉🤣🤣😉🌞

    Way to kick that fever to the curbside!
    Keep it up!!!
    Thank you!!

    Have a fun and safe day!!!


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