Skin Glue?

HEALTH UPDATE: Bandages came off the site of the port placement. It feels great! I have skin glue holding my skin together while it heals! I want to peel it off like Elmer’s off my hand. Chemo is still a go for Thursday morning. We are still exploring other options.


I would never had guessed that a cancer diagnosis could offer so much exploring and excitement! Do you have a certain hobby or collection? You complete your project or find that rare piece and the thrill defines why you do what you do. Okay, researching life saving treatment options isn’t really a lot like that. However, it’s been motivating for me to learn more now that I’ve very recently come out of the fog (yesterday). I’ve been a zombie for weeks and I didn’t even realize it! Thank you to my family and friends who picked up the slack while I was out of it. I googled my illness for the first time yesterday. I’m getting involved in the process. It is thrilling to find hope!

With the news from UW Health that my tumor is inoperable unless it shrinks and we “hope” chemo will shrink it, we need to explore. The UW options are just not good enough. Is there anyone more familiar with this ASSinar cell carcinoma? Does someone know how to shrink it? Anyone? Anywhere? I have an appointment with Mayo Clinic in February after my first round of chemo. I am in discussions with Froedtert Hospital and a top notch #4 surgeon to see if he has any ideas. I just got off the phone with a laboratory in California. This doctor specializes in chemotherapy. I need to shrink this thing so someone can get rid of it. I understand all of these people may come to the same conclusions. At least we know we tried. Who knows?! We may even succeed!

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10 thoughts on “Skin Glue?

  1. Love your positivity!!! Remember doing the glue thing in our hands??? (Thank goodness) kids don’t do that any more! I’m sure it drove our teachers nuts!!!
    Keep researching! When your passion leads you to the connection you’ve been waiting for, it’s all worth it!!!
    Love you!♥️


  2. You are one smart woman! You have learned quickly you need to be your own advocate! Keep researching and pushing the doctors to find options for you.


  3. 💖Your positivity will beat that mofo tumor Cathy. All I can think about is an ABC After School Special from my high school days. The protagonist Duffy Moon, the message think positive and you can do anything, and the words “You can do it Duffy Moon” resonate with me to this day when thinking about encouragement and overcoming obstacles. You are my Duffy Moon!!! Love you and thinking about you always❤️


  4. Cathy-you’re doing all the right things by finding out the best place to get treatment. I did that when I had my brain tumor and I went to UCLA for my surgery. Wisest decision I ever made…and that was before the Internet. Both UW Hospital and Mayo Clinic are the best combination of caregivers you can get. Craig went to both and received incredible care and outstanding teamwork. Ask a lot of questions at both hospitals, or wherever you go. Listen to your gut in terms of where you ultimately get your care.


  5. Looking for any and all information is so smart. Glad you are emerging from the fog and despite chemo hoping you enjoy the holiday with your beautiful family. Your ramblings are wonderful. ❤️


  6. Cathy, you can do this! Keep exploring and learning and trying, and definitely keep out of the fog and stay active and engaged.
    You might look up The Truth About Cancer documentary series; the first two of the series are available on You Tube.


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