Spa Day

HEALTH UPDATE: Port is installed. Didn’t feel a thing. Nurse Molly and all the others were fantastic. Sister Melanie was great company, thank you for taking me while Tom took Willow to school. Warm blankets, free saltine post appetizers with water. Felt like a day at the spa, indeed! Home now! First chemo appointment is 12/19.

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4 thoughts on “Spa Day

  1. Hi Cathy, I just heard the news and was told about your blog. I am sending you tons of sunny well wishes from Arizona! I will pray for you and your family. You have an amazing attitude and I know that will help you get through this.


  2. Anyone coming with you when you go for chemo? I brought a family member or friend to every chemo appointment. Helped pass the time in a more fun way, having a visit with someone I like, *and* everyone who accompanied me to one of these appointments got to see what it was like, which, I hope, made the whole idea perhaps less unknown (or even scary), should they ever find themselves dealing with chemo again, for themselves or anyone close to them.
    The low-energy time following the chemo appointments, for me, was usually not til a day or two later, so the “day of” the appointment was a good time for a visit with a friend (unless you just need some “me time” there, of course). And Cathy, I am not driving much these days, but if that changes soon, and I can come with you for one, I’ll let you know!
    Keep moving, and stay as positive as you can about getting through all of this and coming out OK, even better, having had this experience. You can do it! Repeat whatever your version of “I think I can, I think I can” is, and most definitely, ask for whatever help you need. Lots of us are ready and willing to help how we can.


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