The Beat Goes On

HEALTH UPDATE: My miracle life continues. My Ct scan was stable. The new DNA tumor test is negative which means there appears to be no cancer dna from my tumor floating around in my blood, trying to spread. A year of negative results is more conclusive but still an astounding result. My PET scan from last month looked good too. I’ve decided not to rush into surgery. The main reason is that it is not possible to remove the involvement in my veins. I could go through removal of half my pancreas and all of my spleen only to find out there was no live cancer. There is a possibility I will do a needle biopsy. This will give us more info and is a lot less invasive.


I’m waiting for accusations of this entire story being a complete lie. A scam. How could it possibly be true? It’s so unbelievable. If someone confronted me they would not be greeted with defiance. I’d shrug my shoulders! Right?! I know! How many people defy the staggering odds of survival of pancreatic cancer? So far, I have. The beat goes on.

This experience is surreal. It’s every range of emotion. I find myself with a new emotion of not understanding emotions! Lol! I’m so incredibly grateful, yet there remains uncertainty and heartbreak. I have been exposed. Exposed to the relentless cruelty of cancer. I’ve made so many new friends from diving into the local and social media cancer community. Beautiful people living with ugly circumstances. Each story has touched me deeply. My heart will forever go out to all that have been touched by cancer. The beat goes on!

It’s spa day today. I just finished meeting with my oncologist. Things are looking good. We have a plan. I can exhale. For the first time since this all began, I feel like I can start to move on. Just a little bit. Accepting the fact that I have entertained moving on blows my mind. Thinking of living, even for an undetermined amount of time, instead of dying is exhilarating! Proof in this life that anything can happen. I’ve already achieved the unthinkable but there is still so much yet to do. This story, thankfully, is not over yet. The beat goes on!

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