HEALTH UPDATE: Good, I think? Life is distracting me. I feel slightly crippled. My legs! Trying to exercise but it makes me feel worse. Not going to stop. Signed up for physical therapy. Otherwise feeling pretty good. A little tired. A few feelings where the tumor monster resides. Not pain. Just feelings. Who knows? I’ll know. Soon. Scan on Tuesday next week.


Hello keyboard. My old friend. Life has been good. It’s been pretty quiet. No health drama to report. No crazy feelings to ramble about lately. Just living the dream. Then along comes week 3. Every third week. Let’s see how the next chapter will be written. This third week is also the ninth week which means a new ct scan. Gahhhh!! I’m beginning to think that my “Whatever happens, happens! I’m alive! I’m happy to have made it this long!” honeymoon is over. Here is the new deal. The more I start to think I’ll make it, the harder it is to face the realization that I may not. This makes the waiting tricky. I try not to think about next week. It’s kind of haunting me though. It’s hard not to think about it. Truth of the matter is that I better get used to it because this is what it will be for the rest of my life.

Speaking of my life…it’s precious. Your life is precious. ALL life is precious!! A life that was extra precious to me was lost very recently. My sweet friend Connie. I met her at a friends wedding many years ago. She met a close friend of ours at this same wedding and they dated for many years. It didn’t pan out but Connie and I remained friends. She really had a heart of gold. On top of that she was HILARIOUS! She was so quiet and polite. I remember the first dirty joke she told. I stopped and made a look. You know that look. What did you just say? What?! Bwahahaha!!!!! Laughter! So. Much. Laughter. We ended up calling her WILD Connie. I can’t remember why but if I had to guess it would be because she was so quiet but she was SO WILD!! Every greeting was WIIIIIILD CONNIE!!!! Her reply would always be “WIIIILD CATHY!!”!! I was always happy to see her. I never had one ounce of bad vibe from her. Ever. I loved her. When I helped her buy her house we had a great time. She was so fun. Always happy. So funny. She was a good friend. There was a time when we stopped seeing each other. Life got in the way. We connected on Facebook and I always knew which posts were hers without seeing her name. I’ll miss those naughty posts. I’ll miss Connie. A lot. It’s so final. It’s so unsettling. I hate this feeling. It was so sudden and completely unexpected. Part of life. Death. I really think the dying have the good part of the deal. She’s in heaven. Beautiful heaven. We are left here to mourn. I pray for WIIIILD CONNIE, her family and friends. RIP WILD!!

Peace, safety and love to all!!

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Wife, mother, cancer fighter and lover of life!

3 thoughts on “WILD!

  1. I’m so sorry you lost your friend Cathy. Wishing you the best possible results of your scan!!! Hoping and praying for you sis, as always!!!
    Your brother


  2. Cathy: What a beautiful tribute to my beautiful sister Connie! It made me smile. I’m so sorry for your illness and wish you the best…..Diana


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