HEALTH UPDATE: I’m pleased to report that tumor monster has continued to shrink! It is not as substantial as the early days of this trial that started back in March of this year but I am headed in the right direction. I was able to see the latest scan on the computer compared to an earlier scan. Two words. Holy shit! It’s looking a lot smaller. I didn’t get the exact measurements but I swear I saw a couple 7+cm dimensions. Single digits baby! That was a silent goal of mine. My labs are good and as I sit here waiting for my miracle concoction I am filled with gratitude and happiness. PARTY ON!!!


I was emotional this morning. I rarely feel so vulnerable. Willow and I start each day with snuggles. Today was no exception. We held hands with our fingers interlocking, something we rarely do. We stayed that way for a while. I wish I could read her mind. Does she feel my angst about the appointment today? I think she is happy that daddy will be teaching her today instead of me. He will go into full character mode and talk like a funny little guy the whole time. She loves it. But her hand. This tiny hand. It’s holding on tight. I know as much as I’m not the cool teacher, she is going to miss me today. She will miss me when I’m gone. Do not go there! I’m trying to convince myself…do not go there. However, this is reality and the understandable reason for tears. Our hugs are solid. They take away fears and give me strength. Don’t forget. It’s all about the now. The most wonderful and beautiful NOW!

Peace, love and gratitude to all of my prayer warriors, family, friends, my doctors, my nurses and every kind soul on this planet!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!!

oh…..and here is a link to the uw carbone cancer center video I was blessed to be a part of. I’m not sure if the link works. I’m good at “other things”…Lololol.

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