Funny not funny

Well actually, it is pretty funny but only because I’m okay. I FELL OFF MY BIKE! I’m OKAY! Technically I wasn’t even on my bike. I was trying to get on my bike and fell backwards and my head hit the concrete. HARD. It was a real shit show. Willow, my sweet hero, went and got daddy. I was a bit woozy so didn’t want to get up. Hero Tom called 911 to see if I should go in and the next thing we know…..sirens. I walked to the ambulance myself. Had a nice ride. Found out that because I’m taking blood thinners I was officially a TRAUMA patient. Oh my! I had an entire team. They cut off my shirt! I got a free paper one to wear home. There was an iv, x ray and ct scan. All were good. Very good service at UW emergency room, once again. I even ran into amazing Ray the nurse who assisted me with a high fever visit. He is SO NICE!! I’m counting my lucky stars once again. I will never go on a bike (or try to go on a bike, lol) ever again without a helmet….no matter what the excuse. Not if I’m just riding it to the house next door. Not if I’m reminiscing about my childhood and how good it feels to let your hair blow in the wind. Not on a day when my hair is clean and looks good and I don’t want to squish it. Nope. I will always wear a helmet.

Love and hugs to you all!

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5 thoughts on “Funny not funny

  1. Okay, girlfriend…this is CRAZY! So glad you are okay! And, amazing job Willow! Such a wonderful girl for getting daddy…quick!!!


  2. OMG Cathy!! You just gotta keep everyone on their toes:) Hope you’re feeling well and no headaches! Get back on that bikes soon and ride! Love you, J


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