My adventure in pictures

HEALTH UPDATE: Doing well! I won’t complain. 🙂

Rambling photos….my adventure in pictures:

I was shaking as I wrote the official diagnosis that I received by a phone call from my primary physician. I was getting a pedicure at the time. I ugly cried in that chair for 45 minutes. My feet felt and looked great though!
Moments before my world came crashing down and I was told surgery was not an option. My only choice was to start chemo to prolong my life. The reality of the situation was numbing. Thanks for being there brother Ben and TOM!
My favorite bracelet that says it all. This got me going and the fight was ON! Thank you Martha, I love you so!
Beautiful sister Melanie and I at my first chemotherapy appointment. I didn’t know what to expect but it was all good.
The kindness and love we received will never be forgotten. Willow’s school friends called Cinderella to arrange a very special visit and lots of gifts for our family. So grateful!!!
My family on Christmas Day 2019. It was a day of happiness but also great sadness as I did not know what my future would hold. It was hard not to ask myself, is this my last Christmas on earth? The love for my family is intense!
I feel like crap. Why am I taking a selfie!? Well….I suppose I didn’t realize at the time it was for this blog. The good, the bad and the really ugly. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful! Ha ha ha ha!!!
Blowing a kiss from the hospital while being treated for a high fever. Here is a tip….when admitted to the hospital, bring your own pajamas. I felt like I was on vacation. You know…a suitcase, room service, etc. 🙂
This nurse was crazy fun! She looped me up with some good stuff for my tummy cramps. It’s all fun and games until……..
you have a reaction to one of the antibiotics. Red hot itchy itchy. Fun nurse had more remedies for me and the laughs continued. Lol!!
At home and much better!
F Cancer socks are all the rage at the UW Carbone Cancer Chemo department!
My fancy chemo dispenser. It didn’t hurt. Just a little clunky.
Not feeling well. We all know how I get emotional when I’m not feeling well. Looking at these pictures helps me to appreciate the good days.
Waiting to see Dr. Evans at Froedtert in Milwaukee. Waiting to hear the good news that never came. We are very pleased that we went. He is an amazing and dedicated physician. Maybe he will do my surgery some day.
Had so much fun with Paaaaammmmm! PAM took me to a Badger buckets game! Thank you dearest! I love you!! I remember feeling very weak and it was difficult to walk that day.
I bought some vacant land this day. It was strange but I absolutely love the setting. Great for resale!! For now anyways. Lol.
Another rough day. I’m not on chemo. I need to be clean before I start immunotherapy. I’m pretty sure the tumor monster was having fun trying to kill me during this time. What a jerk!!!!
Sweet dreams. I love sleeping. Photo cred: Miss Willow Grace Hannes.
Happy day! Feeling good!! Lesson learned. DON’T GIVE UP!
Sister night!!!! This was the last time I was somewhere (inside) besides my home and the hospital!! It was wonderful but I was so very tired!! Not my usual party animal self. I realized when I slow down I’m a better listener.
First Immunotherapy treatment ! How bad could it be? Friday the 13th in Room 666. Thankful brother Ben was there to hold my hand. Love you lil bro❣️
Melanie made this necklace for me. Her talents are endless. I rub it when I’m praying. Can this one wear out?
Do do do doooooo feelin woozy!!!!!! This was another visit to the hospital for a high fever. No visitors allowed. I was waiting for my covid results that night. Negative! Whew!
Fake smile. I feel horrible.
I’m trying so hard to take a pretty picture of myself. I’m scared of what I see. I know I feel as bad as I look. I’ve had one immunotherapy treatment at this point. Between the c diff infection and the cancer I’m feeling like I’m in trouble.
Ascites. Tumor monster vomit. Fluid build up. Whatever you want to call it. It’s nasty! This was right before I went to get 4 liters drained from my abdomen. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. K? 🙂
Just when you think it can’t get worse….it gets BETTER! Something is happening. I woke early and made a cinnamon coffee cake from scratch.
Snuggles. I’m smiling. Willow looks relieved. We are happy.
Easter morning. Loving life and thankful for Jesus and the sacrifices he made for us. God is good!
I’m up! I’m out! I’m feeling good! I’ve been told that immunotherapy is working and tumor monster is shrinking. I’m cautiously optimistic but what is on my mind most is how good I feel and that I can BE with my family!
We love to paint.
Can a mom have too many selfies with her girl?
Rocking the letter J. Great job sweetie!
Worm hunt.
Social distance visit at brother Ben’s. Look at his awesome fish pond!
I need to eat healthy. What the hell do I do with this? Lol.
Transplanting lilies of the valley from Melanie. Outside! Living life!
F you cancer! Earmuffs Willow! Lol.

I’ve never taken so many selfies before. I think it’s a little weird but then again, it’s putting a face to my story. Some photos are so hard to look at (like the last one, lol). Some are wonderful. This is my story….so far. I know there will be more challenges ahead but soaking in the good times and so much love is energizing me for the future. I will never give up!!


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6 thoughts on “My adventure in pictures

  1. You are beautiful and I love you thank you for your story. I love reading it every time you post it. You and your beautiful daughter and your loving husband God bless all of you. My prayers are always with you C Dawg.


  2. Thanks for sharing all those pictures Cathy. I’m so proud of you for how you have dealt with this journey you’re going through. Love you!!!!


  3. Your natural beauty is prescient, which is a daily demonstration that even cancer has limits on its power.


  4. Thanks as always for sharing your story; I always appreciate your honesty, strength and kick assery!! YOU ROCK:) Love you, J & family


  5. Hi Cathy, You are very photogenic!! I enjoyed all of the photos. Great Morse Code bracelet. Miss you.


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