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HEALTH UPDATE: Hi everyone! It’s spa day! I’ve got my feet up and the poison is drip, drip, dripping. Kill something today, would you? Be nice to my healthy cells and kick the snot out of the rotten ones, please! I’m feeling pretty good. One might say I’m still recovering from last week but overall, doing really well.

We met with my UW Madison oncologist today. Labs were drawn for more testing to possibly determine the type of tumor I have. The crazy scan looking to see if it is a neuroendrocrine tumor has been ordered. Waiting for insurance approval. This scan is only used for Neuroendocrine tumors, is expensive and also is difficult to get insurance to cover. Could I really have that cool sounding COLLISION tumor? Not sure why but I must capitalize COLLISION every time I mention it. I think it is for dramatic affect. So the jury is still out on a verified diagnosis. We learned some other tid bits about Neuroendocrine tumors and how they are treated. There isn’t really a chemo for those types. They would go after the aggressive cancer first (the acinar). If this turns out to be a COLLISION tumor, it would be different anyways…but what could the treatment be? You really won’t believe this. They don’t know! IT’S TOO RARE!!!

Meanwhile, my oncologist has an itchy trigger finger. She would really like to start the immunotherapy. This is the treatment that is only approved for me because of all my crazy mutations. After talking and an examination, it was determined that the chemo I’m currently on should get another shake. Sometimes it takes 8 rounds to show shrinking. Beloved Dr. Evans from Milwaukee even thought that after further review of my new scans completed last week Monday, it looked like the chemo was more effective than he originally thought. Although the tumor monster was virtually the same size, the fluid (tumor monster vomit) that was in my belly is virtually gone! That was a really good sign that something worked with this chemo. So here I am. Round 5. Ding, ding!

Big picture: Still pursuing Dr. Evans theory of a COLLISION tumor (a tumor consisting of both Assinar cell carcinoma AND neuroendocrine tumor). Continuing the same chemo treatment. When the 8th treatment is complete, we will likely try immunotherapy. My oncologist does not want to wait.


My health updates are so fruitful they feel like ramblings! Are you still with me?

I have been reading all of your comments and I thank you all for your over the top kindness, prayers and compliments. There is one compliment I’m hearing often. It makes me feel funny. “You are such a good writer?!” My response? What?! I am?! No, I’m not! I don’t write. I don’t read books! I can’t sit still that long. I confessed to my book club several years ago that I never read the book and that I likely would never read the book in the future. I respect and love my book club ladies and would never want to insult them. I didn’t get any objections so I’m still going to book club! I love my friends!!! So I’ve been thinking. Where is this coming from? What experience could I possibly have to be called a “good writer”? Well it can only be one thing! My creative writing skills I learned by describing my listings!!

In real estate, the idea is to sell the house, right? In order to sell the house you have to get people in the door! This means the most beautiful photos one has ever seen. Tom does a great job with this and we don’t settle for cloudy days. Only sunshine. It also means a description that cannot keep you away. I focus on the positives and use only hopeful and welcoming words. Small house? I call that “cozy” (I think everyone knows that one). Dirty and disgusting? “Make this one your own!”. Inexpensive vacant land? “A lot for not a lot!”. How about a home out in the boonies. “Drive a little, save a lot!”. Sister Melanie’s house? “No, you are not at Pottery Barn. You are at your new home and it is gorgeous”. Exquisite home high on a hill “This remarkable property perched high on a hill surrounded by oak trees & offering breathtaking views will inspire you to enjoy life to the fullest!”. Multiple offers on that one! You get the picture. I’ve come up with so many home descriptions. I often have asked myself, where did that come from?

Maybe that is where I obtained these skills some have told me that I have. I’m mostly joking that it came from my real estate dealings but I do spend a lot of time carefully crafting the best description possible. I guess I never get compliments on those so maybe not. Ha ha. At the end of the day, what matters most is that you do with your life what makes you thrive. Do what makes you feel good inside and gives you value. Even if the value is for only you to enjoy. I absolutely love writing about houses and I also love writing this blog and sharing my thoughts for the world to see. I feel so good when I do it and I hope you find what makes you feel good too.

Love you all!!!

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8 thoughts on “Ramble On

  1. Sending you more healing waves and strength to lightening bolz those damn remaining tumor monsters out of your body. With you, here is my hand🤚💥. Lov, Jan Brickl


  2. Sending you more healing waves and strength to lightening bolz those damn remaining tumor monsters out of your body. With you, here is my hand🤚💥. Lov,


  3. I don’t have much to say except that I am one of the hundreds who are on Team Cathy, and always thinking of you and Tom and Willow. 🤜🤛✌️💞


  4. You are a great writer! Your brother Ben shared this site with me.( he works with my husband). I learned last month I have ovarian cancer. Chemotherapy to begin next week. I hope I can fight with the gusto, spirit, and faith you have shown in your fight. You are in my thoughts and prayers for healing!


  5. Think about you & your family every time we walk past your house. Our thoughts and prayers for you to kick the Tumor Monster out of your system…one day at a time,,,hugs

    PS: love your writing..well done!!


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