HEALTH UPDATE: I’m at UW Hospital as I write this update. Drip, drip, drippity, drip! On the last drug for this day, the third chemo treatment. I’ll get hooked up to my pump and back home to my darlings. I’ll come back on Friday for pump removal and to have infused a bag of fluids and some iron. I’m so tired and I’ve been anemic for months so why not try?!

BREAKING NEWS: Not to be confused with fake news, although I cannot believe it is real. We’ve gotten some incredibly hopeful news today. I’ve done it again! My tumor monster genetic testing came back crazy rare! Crazy rare, crazy good! I am not going to even try to explain this in medical terms. These are my terms. The usual number of mutations in a tumor is around 0-10. Guess how many tumor monster has? THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY TWO! Mutations, especially at high levels, are sensitive to immunotherapy. I will now qualify for a trial of immunotherapy. ! I need to complete 4 months of the chemo I’m on before I can start. I will be half way there at the end of January. We won’t start it until the current chemo I’m using is not working anymore. This is what HOPE looks like friends!!!! Your prayers are working! Thank you!!!


It feels incredible to hear hopeful news. It is shocking, just like all the terrible news before it. My head is thrashing. Be excited! Be careful! There are no guarantees. There could certainly be more devastating news. This entire process is one wild mystery novel with more twists and turns than a sock hop in the 50’s. I think I’m thriving on the drama. When did I become a drama queen? I will put the drama element on the back burner tonight and snuggle my family a little tighter with a bigger smile on my face. I will savor this moment of amazing hope and thank God, once again, for every gift of every day.

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  1. Thanks again, Cathy! I am really loving your posts. A book that helped me is called Cancer As a Turning Point, but I’m not sure you “need” to read it, because you seem SO engaged and positive. However, I would love to tell you about it, should you want to hear about it, and that way you can hear why I found it so great, and perhaps even get something out of my experience with it, which is just a bit lengthy for this comment section. … In general, though, this author and Psychotherapist found that the people who came to see they needed to make some changes in their life, and who wanted to work on doing that, whether they already knew what changes they needed/wanted to make or not, were the ones who made it through, and came through with a new and better way of being and doing and seeing their life. For me personally, when I read this, I enjoyed all the peoples’ stories the author shared, and I also enjoyed feeling like it would all work out, because I felt ready for some big life change(s)… Even though I didn’t know what those changes were going to be exactly, I felt glad that I knew I needed to do it and go through it, and being in that “camp” made me feel like I’d be okay in the end… I moved forward and forward looking for what needed to change, and I found something I wanted to do, and started doing it. As I found more good, true purpose in the new things I started doing in my life, I continued to set new goals to achieve, and I am still continuing to do this.. I now realize I thrive on this goal-setting and learning and growing, and I am SUPER glad to begin to see how I am influencing others near and dear to me in good and wonderful ways. AS ARE YOU. Rock on, Cathy!! I’m psyched you’re enjoying the drama and the specifics of your tumor which are encouraging.
    Keep up the good work, and the attitude to match! Yay, you!


  2. Rooting for positive results Cathy nothing less or short of! You rock as always πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ€žπŸ€ž


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