Rare should only be for steak

HEALTH UPDATE: Official diagnosis: Pancreatic Acinar (ASSinar, lol) Cell Carcinoma involving Spleen. The pancreatic mass grew into my spleen. I misspoke early on when I claimed that a tumor was “on” my spleen. It is IN my spleen and didn’t even come from my spleen. Leave it to me to be off the charts weird. This is a very rare form of cancer. They have never seen a mass this big that hasn’t spread all over. The mass is too big to surgically remove. Cancer has grown into the vessels in the area complicating matters. The plan is to try chemo to reduce the size of the tumor. We need a miracle. I will have a port installed into my chest on Friday and the fun begins the following week with the strongest chemo they have for pancreatic cancer, once the port has healed. I will go to clinic for chemo every 14 days for 4 hours and will also take a pump home to do chemo for 46 hours. They will do a scan every 2 months to see if it’s working. Because it is so rare, we are searching for anyone that knows best how to treat this.Mayo clinic is at the top of our list and we will be making calls tomorrow morning. We appreciate your prayers. Please keep them coming as we will need them. Thank you for you patience as we just found out this news today.

More ramblings in case you choose to read on…..

Tom and I have fuzzy head tonight. It’s really quite surreal. I’m ready to fight. I believe in miracles. I’m also a realist so I’ve got a million things in my head that I want to do. My body won’t keep up. I have good days and bad days. My oncologist said I looked put together with nice hair (referring to how people don’t always look sick on the outside). Inside I wanted to go home and go to bed. My torso is so achy and just off. I hate the thought of eating. Mostly, I’m tired and that could be from the many emotions of the day. My oncologist says I might just start feeling better with the chemo. How do you like that? Sounds so ironic.

My family and friends are beyond amazing. I am so lucky to have a great support system. Holy cow! Everyone asks what they can do to help! I thank you all! Mostly we need prayers. Food is complicated at our house so we don’t need any meals or anything. Visits are wonderful, especially for Willow. We want to keep her in her normal routine but many afternoons that means hanging out with her mom and dad. So if any littles want to come by and play just let us know! Older folks too! Now that we finally have a plan, we will be working on figuring out what we need and will let you know if we need help. Right now we are just counting the blessings we have and praying for the miracle that just must come true!

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13 thoughts on “Rare should only be for steak

  1. To my dearest cousin Cathy, my heart hurts for you. I’m so sorry that you’re facing what must seem like such an over-whelming diagnosis and treatment plan. I wish I could change that for you.
    You’ve always been generous with your wonderful smile, you’ve spread infectious laughter and have lit rooms with your presence. You bet that we’ll be praying that you get your miracle. We’ll be praying for your restored health. ❤️


  2. Please if possible go to Mayo. They are the only reason I am still here today. They are the BEST! Continued prayers for the miracle you need I know they happen and the power of prayer does work!! Love and hugs to you and your family!


  3. My family is thinking of all of you. I’m sending so much love to you all. I would love to bring Keegan over or even help by taking Willow out to do some kind of kid fun.


  4. My sweet, dearest friend. I cannot imagine your worry. I am here in anyway you would find helpful. I could come hang with you at the hospital, at home. I could take you someplace nice. I love you.


  5. My sweet, dearest friend. I cannot imagine your worry. I am here in anyway you would find helpful. I could come hang with you at the hospital, at home. I could take you someplace nice. I love you.


  6. My heart and soul goes out to you. You are in our prayers. Whatever we can do for you, Tom and Willow, it’s yours.

    Agree with the comments about Mayo, they saved a friend with a rare form of liver cancer and were amazing.


  7. Oh, that news must have been so overwhelming to hear! I truly can’t imagine. Again, your strength is so AMAZING! I am praying with all I got for you, Tom, Willow!


  8. Cathy, Your strength and attitude are amazing. I will be praying with all my heart and soul. You are in my thoughts every day. Much love and hugs to you and your family. 🙏❤


  9. You are so amazing, staying positive with a sense of humor! You have my prayers for sure. Stay strong, it is key! Nutrition so important but I am sure complicated. Sending ❤️ Keep your faith!


  10. Cathy, Pat sent me your blog. I cried throughout it. It’s the shits. I am asking the Tacoma Dominican Sisters to pray for you. I am praying too & believe in the great power of prayer. Pat will keep me informed. I can’t seem to get ahold of Jeanne. I have a gift for Willow, I hope to get it into the mail tomorrow. I’m just slow this year. Hugs & love to you, Tom & Willow.
    Aunt Nancy


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