Hurry Up

HEALTH UPDATE: I think I’m ok?! Plugging away. Still having immunotherapy transfusions every three weeks. Labs are good with a few things off but not enough to be of concern. Hint: I’m always concerned. Lol. Next scan is in August!


Life is insane. I’m in this weird limbo. I decided it was just time to “move on” from cancer. Test results are good. Feeling pretty good. Why not just put it in the past. It can’t be good to think about cancer all the time. To think about the friends I’ve made that are dropping like flies to this dreaded disease. Keep going. Forget about it.

I took a break from the podcast. How can I move forward if I keep talking about cancer every week? Willow is home for summer. Spend every moment with her! That will take me back to my old life. And it has! Full throttle, baby! Going here, there, everywhere!!!

I’m creating ideas for my future. A future I thought was extinct. What should I be doing? Working my past job is out of the question. I can never again commit to that lifestyle. But I love real estate! A new real estate podcast, hosted by yours truly, is in the works. I’m very excited to share what I’ve learned over the years and have some fun doing it. Almost makes me feel like myself again, just thinking about it.

Almost. The truth of the matter, and what I’m figuring out? I will never, ever be the same again. Ever. My life is forever changed. For better. For worse. I can’t pretend I have not loved, learned and mourned during this chapter of my life. So while I’ve learned cancer isn’t something I can forget, it will be a big part of my exciting future. Key word, “future”. I still don’t know how long my future will last but I now know it can be yanked in an instant. I better hurry up.

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Wife, mother, cancer fighter and lover of life!

One thought on “Hurry Up

  1. 😇🚲❤😎🎇🇺🇸❤🚲😃🙏☀🚲
    I understand! I’m with you! Yes!
    Go you, and keep going. Rock on!

    😍 Amy


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