HEALTH UPDATE: Round #4 of chemo was completed on Wednesday. My blissful days immediately following chemo have been downgraded from blissful to okay, I can still do this. Meh. As each week passes and the treatments continue, I am noticing more challenges. I’m not about to complain about this as I know that this could be a whole lot worse. I basically have the same symptoms but “enhanced”. Yeah…that is a kind word for it. I still find the entire process fascinating. The drugs are crazy and make me feel crazy at times. I’m maintaining my weight which is awesome. I’ve got appointments coming up in February for more genetic testing as well as meeting with a Doctor about healing hands and massage therapy. That should take some blues away!

Today my pump was removed and I filled up on fluids and an iron treatment through my port. The nurses were as lovely as ever. It went smoothly and I got to put my feet up. Happy Friday to me! Next week is HUGE! Monday I’ll start out at UW Hospital at 6:30 am for new CT scans and lab work. I’ll hand carry the results to Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee for a consult with Dr. Evans Nurse Practitioner at 2:00 pm. On Tuesday at 9:30 am, I’ll meet with Dr. Evans at Froedtert which I’ve been told is the #4 pancreatic surgeon in the world. On Wednesday, Tom Willow and I plus sister Melanie and sister Trina will pack up and head for Rochester, MN to the world famous Mayo Clinic. I will meet with an oncologist on Wednesday at 12:50 and on Thursday a surgeon around 3 pm. Willow will have fun with Aunt Trina swimming in the pool at the hotel. Big news to follow, I’m sure.


I love #4. I’ve loved #4 for a long time. Writing the update above reminded me of a #4 that has given me so much joy, pain and more joy. Brett Favre of course! With the super bowl coming up this weekend, I will tell you that I will always mourn the aging of my favorite football player of all time. I loved how he played. I loved how he came to the Packers and lifted them up through trial and error. I absolutely loved that you never knew what he could pull off next. The plays! The thrill of it all!!

I grew up hating football. All I remembered from a young age was that my Mom was an INSANE fan (still is)! The worst day of my life (sorry Mom, don’t be upset. I understand now) was when the Wizard of Oz was on and my Mom said NO! The Packers are on! That was back when the Wizard of Oz was only on TV once a year. We probably only had 5 channels on ONE TV. It was my only chance to see Dorothy and Mom had to watch FOOTBALL! From then on, football was not my friend…until I started dating. I quickly realized that it was almost mandatory to like football. I ended up realizing it was pretty fun. I started watching when Magic Man was on the field at QB. He was okay. Better than the previous QB and seemed to be bringing back the pack. And then it happened. Magic Man went down and in comes BRETT FAVRE. Brett who? I loved him almost instantly. I could tell he was different. He caught his first pass. What else is there to say? LOL! Football became a big deal for me. The competition! Hanging with friends on Sunday! I was becoming part of the Green Bay Packers pandemonium. Next thing you know, I was hooked. I didn’t need a guy to guide me. I knew the game. Knew the players. Hooked!!! Of course the best part was a new bond with my MOM!!!!

I do not have a crush on Brett Favre. Let’s just get that out of the way right now. I know there has been a lot of confusion about this over the years. I love him for the GAME. He LOVED the game. I can’t even remember the number of consecutive starts. Iron man! His skills were incredible! His mistakes were even more incredible! 4th and 26 against the Eagles?! Ugh! Dang it! But that was the game. He took chances most would never consider. As Packer fans we took it in stride. We took the good with the bad. I knew that the game was never over if Brett was playing. He could come from behind like no other because he took chances and had the perfect cast of support all around him! I know his game. It’s never over until it’s over and we give it our best shot. Always. We don’t give up. My come back from behind is coming! Thanks for the life lessons Brett!

Best wishes to all my friends and family that continue to lift me up so high! Together with God, I am soothed beyond belief and have been given the strength to keep going and not look back. Thank you and I love you!

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7 thoughts on “#4

  1. Hi Cathy. I have been following your blog on your ongoing battle with cancer. Keep fighting, keep your positive outlook, and keep your sense of humor. I always enjoyed playing poker with you. I too share a love of Brett Favre and the number 4. I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts.


  2. You missed your calling my dear. You are a great writer! I enjoy your musings, not the reason for the writings, but the way you approach your blog.


  3. Yes girl you always Have loved the number four. The fight is not over you have just begun and you will continue until the fight is won.We will all stand next to you until that time and cheer you on as we are now love you my friend.Good luck in Rochester. Our prayers are with you.


  4. I love this post Cathy! Brought back memories of our TV and how it taught us how to share. I remember having to watch Little House On the Prairie and miss part of Monday Night Football before you became a fan. The TV sharing also made me such a huge fan of Donny and Marie. Just kidding. Remember the router? You continue to amaze me with your positive attitude, grace, strong will and determination. I’m praying that your visits this week provide great news. Sending all the love and prayers I have to you! Your little brother, Bill


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