Tumor Coma

Health Update: Nothing to report. Still waiting for results. Will keep everyone posted!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a great holiday with love, laughs, food, family and friends! We went out to a lovely restaurant in Mazomanie called The Old Feed Mill. The buffet was really tasty with all the traditional dishes plus a few more. I couldn’t eat much but what I had was delicious. The company was wonderful too. The Hannes clan is small but mighty. It was really great to see everyone! My evening ended with a chat with my brother Ben. He’s so funny and real. He asked if I had turkey coma. My reply was a depressed nah, I couldn’t eat much. He cheerfully said, Oh! You must have tumor coma! He is so hilarious! I got a big kick out of that. He always knows just what to say. I love you little brother!

Who watched Seinfeld? Remember the episode where Elaine sneaks a peek at her medical records and reads that the doctor called her “difficult”? My primary doctor gave me her original copy of my ER visit the night they found the tumor. It was unedited and not your standard patient “after visit” summary with pleasantries. The ER doctor called me a “rambling historian”!!!! LOL! My first reaction was, what?! Is that a hidden medical term? Oh wait, I talk too much about my history! I guess I did go back about 10 years. Don’t they want to know everything? LOL! After half laughing and half coming to terms with this new reality that I ramble I decided that I will put my health updates at the start of my posts for the convenience of those that would rather not read on to my ramblings.

Love to all and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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Wife, mother, cancer fighter and lover of life!

2 thoughts on “Tumor Coma

  1. Thanks for sharing, Cathy! I send good vibes and positive energy for your healing.
    I appreciate your candor and humor, and inspired to do some blogging myself. β€οΈπŸŒΎπŸŽΆπŸŽ΄πŸ™


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