Thank You!

Good morning! I have to say that I am humbled with all of the sweet comments, words of encouragement, prayers and thoughts. It’s so amazing and if I could explain how good it makes me feel I would but words are hard to come by to express the love exploding from my heart. Full disclosure, I don’t really remember the movie but I think it was the one with Braveheart. He’s on his horse ( or standing?) with his shield and sword ready to fight. He has an army behind him, ready to support and fight. I bet that made him feel more confident and ready for war. That is how I feel. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

I want to be transparent. I don’t always deserve titles such as positive and having humor. When I don’t feel good my positive attitude and humor can turn into despair and sadness without notice. The tears flow and I get angry. I worry about my friends and family. I mostly worry about Tom and Willow. They are forced to sit front row for a shit show that nobody wants to see. I pray for them. I pray for you!

My Mom means the world to me. She is the sweetest woman on the planet. I don’t remember her being mad or upset often but when she was she always got over it quickly and moved on. I learned that from her! I’m so thankful! I will have times of sadness but thanks to my Mom I can always see the good and move on.

Moving on!

Today is the day! I’ll be checking in at UW Hospital & Clinics at 12:30. Biopsy is at 1:30. Recovery 3-5 and then we wait!! I plan on having as much fun as possible while we wait. I’m thinking Frozen 2 for sure. Maybe a couple more trips to the holiday lights. Playing with my girl. She’s a hoot. She told her teacher she was going to see me at the hospital because I fell skateboarding. Oh Willow!

Have a great day everyone! Hope to be checking in again soon!!

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